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Multi-Image Shows

Dia-AV - Multivision

Besides his commissioned work Julien Biere created numerous audiovisuals and multi-image shows, which emerged of his personal inspiration and socio-political engagement.

The Power of Multi-Image

8-projector Single-Screen Multi-Image Show


6-projector 3-screen panorama show, live performance with Corsican group "Caramusa" in concert

The Living Planet

4-projector single-screen shown at Photokina Cologne, Olympus Optical stand

Die letzten Tage der Wälder

Media package/audiovisual & video

Blick nach innen

3-projector mandala meditation based in collaboration with modern art mandala painter Mahirwan Mamtami                                              

Jamaica - der bittere Zucker

3-part media package: audiovisuals + book

Angst in der Schule

Media package: audiovisual + didactic print media

Die Erfindung der Familie

Media package: 3-part audiovisual / video

Eines Tages werdet Ihr erwachen - die Rede des Häuptling Seattle


Die saure Geschichte der süßen Banane