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Technology may change yet the art of inspiring an audience for a product, a service or an idea through audiovisual communication remains a skill that is not restricted to a specific technology or format - it is the combination of talent and experience. In all his digital ventures of today, Julien Biere can strongly base his work on 20 years of in-depth experience in analogue audiovisual design - and it shows. That's the difference between start-up and state-of-the-art.

Julien Biere has been for two decades one of Germany's leading inspirational forces within the domain of multi-image. He wrote three comprehensive teaching books, one of which was awarded the Kodak Photo Book Award of the Year: "Professionelle Dia-AV". The English language version "The Guide to Multi-Image" was adopted by the Association for Multi-Image International AMI as one of the industry's standard teaching books.

In 1985 Julien Biere founded Germany's first multi-image event, Munich MultiMedia, which became the second largest multi-image festival world-wide (1993), comprising a congress on AV media in museums and trade shows.

He ran his multi-image hardware company Alphavision servicing small producers and institutional clients with projection equipment, including three planetarium sites.

In the 70's/80's he developped an innovative audiovisual production workshop, training more than a thousand participants in audiovisual design. He worked as coordinator for AV Group Europe, a European network of AV studios.

He (co)produced hundreds of small audiovisuals, but also large shows with up to a dozen of high-power projectors in front of 1000+ audience. He worked for clients like AGFA, BASF, CITY OF MUNICH/Dept. of Environment, OLYMPUS OPTICAL, SIEMENS, Y-TONG, and FIS (Fédération Internationale du Ski).
He was also on tour with a musical group and a multi-screen oeuvre. 

His audiovisual career began in 1975 when he founded AVZ Basismedien e.V. (Munich) distributing independently produced audiovisuals.