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Cross-Media Publishing & Media Integration

The basic principle is simple: all content ("input") is stored digitally - text, charts, maps, spread sheets, photos, illustrations, video or sound - independent of their future use ("output"). This way, with only a little extra effort, any message can be formatted according to the designated output, be it for print, for CD-ROM or online publishing. Using a cross-media approach orchestrating a message across four different media channels does not cost four times the amount of a single output. Cost is enormously reduced, speed and performance are raised dramatically.

  • Cross-media publishing is cost efficient.
  • Messages can be distributed across a broad spectrum of media channels at the same time.
  • Clients are not any longer faced with the uneasy decision "for or against" a certain media format: print or electronic? Offline or online? A given message can be distributed at little extra cost in many different formats across a broad spectrum of communication channels.
  • Cross-media guarantees a high degree of message coherence and consistency.