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  • In Arbeit/Work in progress (2015-2017):
    "Living Longer | Länger leben | Vivre longuement"
    Crossmedia-Film- und Ausstellungsprojekt: 100 Blicke aufs Alter.
    40 Fragen, tausend Antworten.
    HD, Original mit Untertiteln.
    YouTube Channel

  • "Basta! - Portugal in der Krise"
    Dokumentation, 8 Interviews, HD, 15 Min., 2013-14

  • "Die Welt ist auf Ihrer Seite"
    "The Wolrd is On Your Side"
    "El mundo está en su lado"
    Promotion video for "EZ-Scouts" programme
    of BMZ, HD, 1:30 Min., 2013. German, English, Spanish version.

  • "Unternehmen. Chancen. Entwicklung - EZ Scouts" (Public-Private Partnership), Germany, Ghana, Macedonia. Full-HD Image-Film commissioned by BMZ, 9 Min., 2013

  • "SIDID - Système Informatique des Déchets Industriels et Dangereux",
    Animation film presenting the concept and workflow of the online tracking and management system for hazardous waste "SIDID" developed by Biere & Partner, HD, 13 Min., 2012

  • "Entreprises Pilotes". Documentary on Tunisian private sector industry participating in environmental management programmes

  • "Réserve de Biosphère Arganeraie". 30 min. documentary film on the first Moroccan Biosphere Reserve (for Expo 2000 Hannover)

  • "Salha". TV Spot on Energy Saving Stove in Tunisia

  • "Animal Health". Video Shooting and Training in Ivory Coast