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Curriculum Vitae

2012 Julien Biere Film Production
2004 Director, Regensburg Experience gGmbH
1998 Director, ComConsult Weidmann & Biere Ltd
1995 Weidmann & Biere Publishing GbR
1975-1995 Managing director of AV-Academy Munich
1985-1993 Founder president of Munich MultiMedia Festival
1984-1994 Owner/manager of media technology company Alphavision. University lecturer for multimedia and media education in Hamburg, Salzburg, Munich, and Furtwangen
Since 1983 author of 4 audio-visual training books
1980-1994 Studio network AV-Group Europe Munich-Paris-Barcelona
Since 1974 Lecturer and trainer in development education and media education
1970 Studies in sociology, psychology, political economy, geography, English.
Dr. rer. soc. (University of Giessen).
Graduated Sociologist (University of Munich).
1970 Freelance radio work in Munich
1967-1969 Music production at Polydor Records, London

* AV = Audio-Visual